Facts About Konnyaku That You Must Know
Want to diet but have difficulty in reducing carbohydrates? Rest easy, there's a popular type of Japanese yam that has been found to be an option. Its name is konnyaku and is made of konjac, a plant of the genus Amorphophallus (Japanese sweet potato family). Usually the konnyaku is formed into noodles called shirataki.  But it can also be made into many other forms including kwetiau noodles or gr[...]
The Secret Behind The Black Rice
If you have switched from white rice to brown rice in order to meet the nutritional intake of your diet, congratulations,! You have made one good change! But, if you're looking for other ways to further improve the nutritional quality of your diet, it's good to consider occasionally switching to Black Rice. Have you ever heard of black rice? Not surprisingly, because the use of black rice in [...]
The Benefits of Barley
Along with the growing trend of healthy lifestyles, the Indonesian food market is filled with various types of healthy foods.  Another one that we would like to introduce is barley, a type of grain that comes from the wheat family. As reported by various sources, barley is the kind of wheat that is low in calories, rich in vitamins and nutrients, and high in fiber. Here are the benefits of cons[...]
Loose Your Post-Holiday Weight with Green Wok
When on holiday, we often have difficulty controlling ourselves in eating food. As a result, the body weight continues to rise. But you don't have to worry about this, we have a program for you to help you lose weight after your holiday! When the holiday has just ended, what happens most is your weight gained. There are a number of important things to lose your weight in addition to the four po[...]